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Vent Tabs has decided to provide professional automotive channels a compact and cost- efficient option to purchase our well-known products. We have developed a Mercedes Benz kit consisting of our most popular and in-demand products, which will save you time, postage and money.


The Mercedes Benz parts kit is comprised of proven products from our existing on-line catalog (already available on venttabs.com). Check out the individual items for Mercedes Benz on the Shop by Vehicle page : https://www.venttabs.com/by-vehicle/  See the configuration and item count below . 

We have the capability to customize a kit that best fits your business too , just let us know with an email to support@venttabs.com

We will only sell these kits to professionals in the auto sales or auto repair/services industries. We reserve the right to not sell kits to individuals.   


Mercedes Benz is a registered trademark of Daimler AG  

MB ML/GL 2006-2011 B/C Ct. 4 MB ML/GL 2006-2011 G/C Ct. 4 MB GLK/C 2008-2011 J/C   Ct. 5 MB GLK/C 2008-2011 B/C Ct. 5 
MB ML/GL 2006-2011 B/C Ct.4 MB ML/GL 2006-2011 J/C  Ct.4 MB ML 350     2012-2015 B/C Ct. 5 MB GLK/C 2008-2011 B/C  Ct.5