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Vent Tabs is announcing new retail packaging for three of our best selling new dashboard products : VentHook, VentHook-cable, and MaskHook.  We have had many requests from car dealers, parts distributors, car washes, auto parts retail chains ,catalogers and general merchandise retailers for these new products, so we listened and delivered shelf-ready retail packaging for each items. 

Keep Your Dash Organized 

VentHook  (VH-1 Product Detail Page)     

VH-2 ( Retail 2 Pack ) an all purpose hanger that installs in your AC vent , can hang most light weight items from your front vent , 10MM size hook. 

VentHook-cable (VH-C Product Detail Page) 

VH-C2 ( Retail 2 Pack ) a hook/hanger that was sized for IOS (Apple) and Android/Samsung phone charging cables. Designed to reduce the clutter of too many loose cables crossing the dashboard , and always start your next drive with the charger cable in the same spot. 5 MM size hook. 

MaskHook (MH-1 Product Detail Page) 

MH-2 (Retail 2 Pack ) Designed for hanging safety/sanitary masks, and is a universal hanger that works in horizontal, vertical and round air vents- the most universal hanger we make. Very sturdy " button" style hanger .  

Common to all three retail items : 

  1. Packaging designed for standard retail hook merchandising , butterfly hole hanger design
  2. Scannable UPC on each package 
  3. 2 Pack standard - we know from our sales that the average purchase is at least two units , so we made it easy
  4. Bright, clear communications in a very visible yellow package .  
  5. Use of global icons to communicate products usage universally 
  6. Perfect size,  for retail clip strips , for position at the cash register , for end caps and just about anywhere in your store, dealership waiting room or vending machine. Package Dimensions - 5.5" tall x 3.37" wide 
  7. Master Carton Unit Count : Standard is 24 units per case 

ReTail Hooks in Retail packaging 

Retail Package hook -backside photo -.jpg







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