Vent Tab / Ford Fusion (2013-2016)

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If the A/C vents in your Ford Fusion are broken or not functioning , you've come to the right site.  Ford dealerships charge $150+ to replace a vent , but there's now a cheaper solution.  Instead of replacing the entire vent, just replace the Venttab.  It's simpler, much cheaper, and doesn't require any tools.  

These particular tabs are designed to fit each of the A/C vents of a Ford Fusion. Pay close attention to the product selection drop-down box,  to identify the vent position you are repairing. 


  • Fits Ford Fusion 2013-2016
  • You must select VENT POSITION  , each A/C vent requires a slightly different VENTTAB design     1) Center Vent  2) Driver Side Vent  3) Passenger Side Vent   4) Rear Vent 
  • Install in seconds .The patent pending , one-piece Venttabs design allows you to install it without removal of the vent or the vent louvers (fins) No tools required. To install, just center the gear mechanism behind the louvers and slide into place.
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