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We do one thing and we do it better than other manufacturer - we solve your issues with broken or missing A/C vent control tabs . Vent Tabs  strives to produce extremely high quality automotive replacement products which surpass the expectations of our customers. From thousands of customer reviews and FIVE YEARS of sales, we know that our products install very easily, require almost no installation time and usually no tools. We attribute that to our quality manufacturing and engineering experience. Also, we use top quality ABS/Nylon materials that are Prop 65 Certified to deliver a product equal and most times better than the original manufacturer part being replaced.  

We take great pride in saving our customers $100's in labor and auto dealer mark-ups with our unique invention. Any Do-It-Yourselfer can take care of the broken or missing vent control problem in minutes. Whether prepping your car for sale or just doing maintenance, you'll find our solution will bring a big smile to your face.     

Secure Transaction :  Our web host platform provides significant SSL ( Secure Socket Layers ) encryption protection for your on-line credit card transaction . This is more important than ever in 2022. 

If you have a vehicle with a broken A/C air vent tab  and don't see the vehicle listed, let us know because we're always developing new products.

Other information you might find helpful:

  • Located in Fullerton, CA, a family owned and run business.  We do not sell retail or accept returns at our office location 
  • 100% honest reviews.  We never pay for or exchange products to obtain fake reviews.
  • Most domestic orders are delivered via USPS 1st Class mail in 2-4 business days

2022 Pricing as of  May  2022, we have had to increase prices . Our supply chain includes SE Asia manufacturing and we have suffered 25-30% prices increases , due to new limitations on electrical power usage and a 5X increase in shipping cost to the West Coast US. We want to keep our product affordable , so we are only passing on a  price increase /unit. We believe Vent Tabs are  a great value , which will save you $2000-300 by avoiding a costly trip to the car dealer , resulting in a new vent installation.   


 Retailers & Wholesalers serving Retail :  USe the contact form to request samples and sell sheets 

Suggestions? Questions?  Comments?  We'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us anytime via our phone number or contact form.

If you would like to become a dealer, or are an automotive repair specialist, please view the details of our programs for you.



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