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Venttabs is the industry leader by engineering well made , well fitted replacement parts for air vent controls ( also called tabs , clips , knobs ) . For 2020 , we have packaged our most popular items into kits for dealers, distributors , retailers and re-sellers. Each kit contains a mix of our most popular items within the manufacturer's brand and these same items are also available on this website. 

Your business will save significant time and money with these kits . The kit is small in size (9" x  6"  X 1")  and very easy to store at the counter or in the backroom or warehouse.  The box is made of durable plastic and has a strong enclosure to keep dust free and dry.  It comes with a card identifying each part and where it is stored in the kit. You can use the card for easy replenishment ordering too.   We customize the mix of product if requested, just let us know what you need.   

We ship US Priority mail and is FREE - included in the price in the US only.  

 Kia/Hyundai                                   Toyota                                              Acura MDX                                      BMW                                     Mercedes-Benz

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