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What's a Vent Tab? it is the highest rated DIY repair part for Broken or Missing Automotive A/C Vents


What’s a Vent Tab ?  A Vent Tab is an ingenious fix to a big problem: broken or non-functioning air conditioning vents in your vehicle.  The original manufacturer’s vent controls often loosen, color fade or  break-off leaving the air flow un-controlled in the driving cabin. Many owners try to repair it at the dealer and are shocked with a $200-400 per vent price tag, to replace the entire vent assembly. We've got a great and proven solution for you ! 

We make high quality parts: We design our parts w 3-D CAD software and actually prove its fitment on the vehicle’s AC vent. We manufacture our parts in ISO 9001 quality environments, using approved ABS or Nylon plastic depending(on the design). Both materials are very hard with durable surfaces and usually better quality than the original part.  


Our patented design allows you to replace the broken tab without removing the vent and usually without any tools.  The installation process is very simple and we have many videos and downloadable instruction sheets on this site. You can install it in a minute or less !   And we’ll save you $100’s per vent !!  Now,  find your VentTab on top of the home page and we'll ship it same day from California.  



Check Out This Video Explaining the Vent//Tabs advantage


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