What's a VentTab™?

Out of all the small mechanisms in the interior of your car, nothing else becomes more quickly noticeable than a broken air vent clip. Designed to direct airflow into your car, this miniature mechanism is responsible for adjusting the louvers in your car vents by manually moving the louvers left/right and up/down.Some of the issues of having a broken or missing air vent control tab include:

  • Inadequate or uneven car interior temperature cooling or heating
  • Unpleasant air blowing directly into the driver or passenger's face
  • Misdirected air can distract drivers, causing potentially dangerous driving conditions
  • Turning off potential buyers of your car and potentially reducing the resell value

This inconspicuous part replacement job can cost $300-600 from a dealer :Don’t Do It !

But now, you have a proven , affordable D-I-Y option , designed and tested for your vehicle : VentTabs™

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