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We're focused on improving your comfort and convenience while driving. We've introduced 3 new products designed to make your vehicle's cabin safer , healthier and better to drive.

MaskHook is a universal product made to hang your Covid19 mask in any AC vent, which keeps it off the floor, clean  and always ready to use.  

VentHook is a new product designed to hang and organize a variety of items on your dashboard , from masks to air fresheners to charging cables/cords and other lighter weight dashboard items.  We offer two sizes ( only difference is the size of the hook )  , Vent Hook standard  and Vent Hook-Cable (sized to harness Apple and Android charging cables , GPS and Radar detector cables that typically flop around the dash ).

Get organized , reduce the dashboard clutter and drive safer.   

We recommend customizing your dashboard with any combination of these three products, based on your driving style and daily needs. 

These products are great for professional drivers like taxi/uber/lyft/limo, door dash,grubhub and many more.  






 MASK HOOK| A Car Vent Dashboard Hanger | Keeps your mask clean and ready


*These products are patent pending 



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