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A simple tip to maximize your car’s resale value

A simple tip to maximize your car’s resale value

|May 13th 2019

We all know that buyers will try to negotiate price reductions any time you’re looking to sell your car, and that should motivate you to cover as many bases as you can.

This same is true for attempting to defend the trade-in value for your vehicle, where the offer will often be much lower than simply selling it on your own.

As our cars age, there is wear and tear that may occur in the interior or exterior, which leads to a reduction in its value to those considering to make an offer.

Auto dealers, like Car Max or Auto Nation, will look to negotiate even the smallest things, such as a functioning air vent.

These evaluations by dealers or individual buyers are very fast. It’s proven that many car shoppers make their decision about a used car in the first 90 seconds, based on the condition, cleanliness, aroma, and overall presentation of the vehicle.

That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s clean and make any quick fixes possible to increase the resale value of the vehicle.

One of the simplest, yet commonly overlooked, fix is actually the car’s air control clips (or what might be called a vent knob, tab or vent clip). These are the molded pieces of plastic (often with a chrome strip) that help control the directional flow of the air vents.

This will usually stick out like a sore thumb during a test drive. Once the driver realizes that they are stuck with the air flowing directly to the face or to some random location in the vehicle, it’s going to be clear that it’s something that needs to be fixed.

This could not only reduce the offer given to you, but it might even break a deal for individual buyers.

Usually, car owners will assume that the entire air vent will have to be replaced in order to fix that one piece, so they avoid the expense thinking that it will cost more than they’ll get out of it.

Trade-in values can be significantly impacted by something so simple because dealers know that they can use that as leverage for price reductions.

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening by having that piece fixed without spending $200+ on an entire air vent system.

With Vent Tabs™, you can purchase just the air vent clip replacement and snap it on yourself, making it far more affordable to fix this issue than spending a significant amount of money on a replacement system plus installation labor.

This one inexpensive clip will prevent dealers and buyers from using a broken or missing vent clip as leverage to get a price reduction on your used car.

Check out our vehicle selection to find the right tab for your make and model, and get that vent functioning again before you’re ready to put it up for sale or trade in to a dealership.

You may end up getting more cash in your pocket!

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