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​Car Parts : Don’t settle for the first cheap vent replacement part you find on the web

​Car Parts : Don’t settle for the first cheap vent replacement part you find on the web

|Mar 1st 2019

If you’ve ever replaced a part in any other appliance or equipment you own, whether that’s a dishwasher, barbeque, or vacuum cleaner, there’s one thing that remains true: mismatched part designs are dissatisfying.

Many after-market manufacturers have developed replacement parts that sort-of work, but never really fully restore the machine to its original operation, much less even look like it belongs there.

That’s frustrating and sometimes ends in returning the parts, going through the hassle of refunds, shipping the part back, and lots of other hurdles.

We’ve all been there.

You’ll have wasted time and effort that it required to install that part, only to find that it isn’t quite what you need or want.

Auto repairs are no different. If anything, there are more parts that need to be replaced over time than nearly anything else, second only to your house.

Many of us try to do what appears to be simple do-it-yourself tasks such as replacing wiper-blade, broken tail light bulbs, or air conditioner filters, in an attempt to save money and avoid the dealerships or local mechanics.

We know that repair shops will mark up the prices on their material, even though they get it from the same places that are available to you.

Still, there are mixed results with repair shops -- sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t and you need to take it back, wasting even more of your time and probably racking up a larger bill and mileage !

Sometimes, you’ll learn that the part that they used is not properly made for your vehicle, which is even more troublesome.

The best parts are replicas of the original design, called the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part. That way you know it will fit and operate exactly as you expect.

One of the most common issues that many vehicle owners face is replacing the simple plastic part that controls the air flow in the interior.

Car and truck owners realize the importance of controlled air flow, providing comfortable and a predictable driving experience.

When the air vent control becomes non-operational, it doesn’t take long to become annoyed and want to replace it, but the problem is that the air vent itself is not what is broken, it’s the vent control knob or clip

Usually, mechanics will recommend replacing the entire air vent itself, as that’s the only way they know how to fix that piece, which results in hundreds of dollars in parts and labor.

But if all you need is the vent clip itself, the question becomes “how can I find the right one for my vehicle that looks, feels, and operates the same as the original with a matching design?”

That’s where Vent Tabs™ comes in!

Vent Tabs™ has a catalog of 16 different auto brands and sixty variations to help fix the air flow control issue for your vehicle without replacing the entire air vent system, saving you a lot of money.

Originally developed by a mechanical engineer based in Oklahoma, the goal of Vent Tabs™ was to replace that broken piece for various makes and models of cars/trucks/SUVs that looked and worked similar to the original.

The design is completely proven, backed-up by thousands of Five star reviews and happy customers in over twenty countries.

We only do one thing, and that is vent clip replacement parts and have gathered a ton of expertise over the years. Our design is patent pending and has been in production over four years with a 4.9 quality rating. The product’s easy-to-install design and manufacturing control are the keys to our success.

Find your vehicle’s make and model on our vehicle selection page, and get that tab repaired so you can have a comfortable experience on the road again.

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