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Superior Vent Clip - The Part's Design Really Matters

Superior Vent Clip - The Part's Design Really Matters

Vent Tabs |Jun 2nd 2019

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong “ you’ve heard this many times. That’s the problem with many automotive aftermarket replacement parts. Many designers and some engineers do not consider that a technician or an owner actually purchase parts so that he can do the repair himself, call it DIY.

Most car owners are attempting a replacement/repair for the first time and often don’t have the skills, tools or know-how to get the job done right. Thanks to and other sites, there are plenty of how-to videos to follow, but then there’s the actual experience of doing it successfully. Most pro’s will tell you, it all starts with a solid, proven part design which makes the installation easy and fast , and low-stress!

Replacing a vent clip on your car’s A/C- Heater vent assembly should be reasonably easy for a DIY or a Pro. However, the complexity of many aftermarket designed vent clips makes this task difficult and not a slam-dunk. You can see the images of a three piece vent clip designs, imagine trying to assemble the parts while facing the vent (and the vent is not removed from the car dashboard). You can imagine trying not to drop one or all of these pieces down the vent, into never-neverland. Some have a small metal spring which connects all the components and is very difficult to hold and align to the other parts. Some designs have a plastic “mating” component, which must be perfectly snapped-on to the front and back simultaneously. You can imagine yourself with a small flashlight in your mouth,right?

A one piece vent clip design is the way to go. The folks at Vent Tabs designed a single piece, vent clip replacement to avoid all the hassles of installation and to last longer . The Vent Tabs design allows you to sit in any seat facing the vent (including the backseat) and install the replacement clip in seconds. And, most often with no tools required. You or your mechanic will simply line-up the backside prongs with the interior post of the vent, push it into place and it will be installed. No dropping parts or dropping springs. They’ve sold over 20,000 customers in 20 countries for more than four years, with extremely high satisfaction and reviews.

Always consider the part design and the potential installation issues before tackling this important auto repair project. Most multi-piece designs are cheaper, but always a bigger hassle and require a lot more expertise than most DIY’s and technicians possess. One piece is the best way to go and you will be happy with the results. 

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