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DASH PACK - Includes 1 Each MASK HOOK/VENTHOOK/VENTHOOK CABLE | A Dashboard Hanger Kit |

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We've all learned to carry a mask through our daily lives in  2020. One of the most common annoyances of the using a mask is keeping it ready and clean while in your car or truck, whether it's your personal or work vehicle. Been through a fast-food drive-through lately ? 

We all have habits and needs while we drive or ride as a passenger. Now, we have designed a simple product to maintain your mask and your passenger's masks.  

Vent Tabs has been successfully designing Vent products for over five years and has put its deep knowledge into these NEW car vent products. We know a lot about how drivers behave behind the wheel and what they need.   

Vent Tabs has developed MaskHook & VentHook, & VentHook-Cable which fits into the air vent of almost every vehicle. All provide a secure hanger that allows you to hang your mask and other light weight. You can use any of the four air vents in most vehicles' dashboards. 

*MaskHook works on any AC air vent design 1) Horizontal  2) Vertical  3) Round and Rotational   - Will not inhibit the air vent movement 

** VentHook and VentHook-Cable work best on horizontal vents, which exist in most cars 

Some of the typical uses for a MaskHook & VentHook on a dashboard include: 

( buy not included in the purchase)  

  • Masks - surgical masks, fabric masks, face coverings  and any other type of hangable mask 
  • A storage bag for your mask(s) 
  • Air Fresheners
  • SunGlass holders
  • Light weight Hanging Pouches for pens, breath mints
  • Coins and tokens pouch 
  • And so many more we haven't thought of yet!!!

MaskHook/VentHooks ARE Easy to Install and Use: We have developed a patent pending product that is super easy to install and easy to remove and move around the dashboard to other vents. 

MaskHook/VentHooks ARE Very Durable & Strong: we've molded this product from a very durable plastic that will not bend,break, deform in heat or crack in very cold climates.   

Make it Yours:  We couldn't possibly anticipate the hundreds of things that drivers and passengers will hang on their dash boards , so go for it and make it work for you 

Product Tested:  We've have tested this design in over one hundred vehicles , and we know you'll be thrilled with this simple , useful product 

We know you'll love it and most people have more than one car in the family - ONE OF EACH PRODUCT per KIT = 3 UNITS 


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