Vent Tab / Honda Civic 2006-2011

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If the vents in your Honda Civic are broken or missing , you've come to the right place.  Instead of replacing the entire vent, just replace the Venttab -  It's cheaper, faster, and will perform just like the original .  

This listing is for a single vent tab.   

  • Fits Honda Civic 2006-2011
  • From the Dropdown > You must select the VENT POSITION     1) Left/Left Center Vents  OR   2) Right/Right Center Vents 
  • Install in seconds
  • Tool Required - use a 90 degree pic tool or a bent coat hanger with a 90 degree bend on the end. See the installation video.  

Printable Installation instructions can be found in this listing images. 

Installation video of similar tab can be found here.