Vent Tab / Kia Sportage (2011-2015)

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If the A/C vents in your Kia Sportage are broken or not functioning, you've come to the right site.  Most dealerships charge $150+ to replace vent, but there's a better way.  Instead of replacing the entire vent, just replace the Venttab.   It's simpler, much cheaper, and requires very little time.

These particular tabs are designed to fit the front vents of Kia Sportage

These are universal tabs modified to fit the Sportage, so keep in mind they do not look identical to the OEM tabs.

This listing is for a single vent tab.  Installation instructions can be found here.

  • Fits Kia Sportage models (2011-2015)
  • You Must Select the VENT position    1) Center Vent  or 2) Side Vent 
  • Install in seconds

    The patent pending, one-piece Venttabs design allows you to install it without removal of the vent or the vent louvers (fins) To install, just locate the vertical post behind the louvers of the vent and slide the tab into place.  

    Tool required (clothes hanger works great)
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