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2020 Summer Drive Season is Coming

2020 Summer Drive Season is Coming

Vent Tabs |Apr 16th 2020

After all we’ve been through in 2020, most of us are anxiously awaiting the safe opportunity for a road trip or a vacation. Jumping in the car with friends and family is such a great part of American culture, we will get it back soon.

Think ahead: you’re driving and it’s becoming warm in the car. You turn up the A/C, only to find that you forgot to fix those darn vents, so that you can point the air where you want it.

You delayed replacing your car air vent because you thought it would cost a lot of money in parts and labor, but now you’re wishing you had fixed it. We take air flow for granted when it works, but many cars and trucks have broken, missing, or non-functional vents that aim the air flow in the wrong places.

Most vehicles have four vents in the front section and two in the rear. The A/C could be working, but the cool air is moving to the wrong places, making the ride uncomfortable for you and your passengers.

That’s not something you want to endure on a road trip.

The air flow is controlled by a plastic vent control clip/tab and it’s connected to the louvers/blades within the vent. If the vent control clip/tab is missing or broken, you simply can’t control the air flow in many vehicles.

Here’s the solution:

Buy a do-it-yourself, low-cost replacement that restores the control of your air flow.

With Vent Tabs™, you can install the replacement air vent clip yourself, without having to take anything apart, saving you hundreds of dollars and downtime of a dealer repair day.

This is our goal with

The installation takes less than a minute and is supported by written and video instructions from our website. No tools required!

Enjoy and Chill!

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