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Covid Masks Are Back - How to store a Mask in your Car

Covid Masks Are Back - How to store a Mask in your Car

Vent Tabs |May 26th 2022

It's unfortunate , but the COVID19 virus continues to cycle in and out of our lives. By now, most of us have become somewhat comfortable with mask wearing where and when necessary. Almost all of us have resumed our full lifestyles, including commuting to work, social events, school, sports, medical locations. Keeping a mask handy, clean and ready to use is very simple and will keep you healthier and avoid respiratory diseases like Covid19 and flu viruses. 

Keep your mask clean and ready to go :  When you enter your car from a location requiring a mask, you usually remove the mask immediately . but where do you put it ?  Most of us toss it on the seat or stuff it in the glovebox , neither one is a good move. We have several  solution to keep your mask clean and ready to use.

 We designed and tooled a couple of products that allow you to hang your protective mask on the dashboard , keeping it off the dirty floor and reachable for your next stop. MaskHook is made for any size mask ( with various ear straps sizes ) and it's universal - meaning it fits all types of air vents in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. VentHook is another new product that provides a mask hanging option on the dashboard. VentHook also allows you to hang small garbage bags, air fresheners, bins and other light weight items.

Both are very low cost options to keep you and family safer and healthier as COVID cycles back in our communities.    

You can purchase these car mask items today on,,,   


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