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De-Clutter the DashBoard- Drive Safer

De-Clutter the DashBoard- Drive Safer

Vent Tabs |Sep 26th 2020

We all have too much stuff in the car's cabin, some of it might cause distraction during your commute. You can re-evaluate the essentials for safe driving and organize the dashboard. The air vents are a great place to utilize , since they are built-in and are low profile to the dash. 

VentTabs has designed three new products to help you and your family commute safely

MaskHook - designed to provide a simple , easy place to hang your masks and your passenger's too.

VentHook- 2 Sizes Built to hang masks , organize charging cables, hang air fresheners and light weight bins ( for sanitizer, pens , sun glasses )

Get ready for Fall and Winter driving with these smart products 

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