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For Sale : How to increase the value of your used car : Fix minor issues

For Sale : How to increase the value of your used car : Fix minor issues

Vent Tabs |Oct 24th 2023

Clean Your Vehicle

To entice your buyers, make sure the car is clean from inside out, presentation plays a key role in selling your used vehicles, so make sure you conduct a deep self-inspection.

For external gloss and attractiveness, give your vehicle a thorough wash with a fresh coat of wax and get the small dents and scratches fixed. This will influence the resale value of your used car by giving an impression that the car has been taken care of and well maintained, Make sure there are no broken tail lights or turn signal lights, these all are small issues but could affect the value of a used car. All these minor issues can pile up to cloud the buyer's judgment.

On the inside vacuum the floor, take out the floor mats and clean them thoroughly, remove all your personal items from the car. Make sure the car smells good, deodorize the car before you invite the buyer, it is extremely important that your car smells good, it is part of addressing to all the senses of the buyer of your used car: touch, feel, smell, sight. All of this creates a positive experience for the buyer, increasing your chance of bagging the best value for your used car.

Try and fix small issues yourself.

Inspect your vehicle from inside, take a detailed look at the dashboard area, make sure it is not cluttered, and keep it presentable.

One of the most common things I have noticed in used cars is broken or missing Air Conditioning VentTabs® ( or vent clips ) , it might seem to be a minor problem but it is very uncomfortable and annoying to not be able to direct your cold air in the desired direction, It certainly does not work in your favor when a buyer sees a broken AC VentTabs® since it suggests to the buyer, that this car is not well maintained and triggers doubt in the buyer’s mind. Small issues such as broken AC VentTabs®, dirty or broken rear view mirror, cluttered dashboard or broken lock on glove compartment, all these small issues can change the experience of the buyer, first impressions are very important, so when the buyer sits in your car and notices things like a broken AC VentTabs® it creates a sense of dissatisfaction, which you definitely want to avoid.

So what can you do to fix these kinds of minor issues?

Well, it is really simple to fix this without having to go to a repair shop.

Buy any VentTabs® that match your vehicle year/make/model, then carefully remove the broken or lose one. A thin, flat head screw driver will allow you to "release" the clip from the blade (the louver). Try to release one edge so it rests on the blade, then slowly walk it off the blade. Do not pull it strongly because you may un-seat the louver and essentially break the VentTabs®. If you have a partial vent the blade, use pliers to carefully remove it from the blade- same warning!

With the new VentTabs® in your hand, place it on the louver where the original was located. You should see a marking on that blade that is distinct from the other blades in the vent. Next, look into the vent (you may need a flashlight) and locate the VERTICAL center post. Your goal is to align the VentTabs® prongs (or the forks) so that they straddle the Vertical center post. Think of a goal post on a football field, you're kicking it straight down the middle.

Once you have the VentTabs® on the blade and the forks are aligned, you simply push it onto the louver blade (and towards the front of car), until you feel the VentTabs® latch onto the blade. You will hear a clear click in most cases. That sound will confirm you have correctly installed it. Now, test the up/down and side-to-side action that controls the air flow. You're done, that probably took less than a minute.

Once you fix these minor issues (which generally go unnoticed) but are very useful when you are selling your used car, this will not only help you sell your car quickly but also improves your odds of getting the best resale value of your used car.

We hope you find the right buyer for your used car.

Check out the links below to buy VentTabs® for your broken car AC VentTabs®, no need to take it to a repair shop, fix it yourself in less than 3 minutes, don’t let broken AC VentTabs® kill your sale.

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