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Get Ready for Heater Season

Get Ready for Heater Season

Vent Tabs |Sep 15th 2019

Your Car's heating , ventilating and air conditioning system , ( HVAC )  keeps your car interior comfortable in any season, by providing the right temperature and humidity level. Winter is especially tough to control, with various coats, sweaters, jackets etc....   The HVAC System helps improve the DEFROSTER operation, which is critical for winter driving safety . 

As Winter approaches , make sure you have the HVAC properly serviced. A service technician should check :

1) pressure to test operation

2) refrigerant charge > if low , perform a leak test 

3) outlet temperature and air flow control ( the vents are working and control the air flow ) 

4) the compressor's drive belt and tension 

Don't wait until it starts snowing and freezing rain, be prepared and Care for your Car's HVAC .   

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