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How to Fix BMW 3 Series Air Vents

How to Fix BMW 3 Series Air Vents

Vent Tabs |Apr 4th 2022

  • If you own a BMW 3 Series and you're sick of the air not blowing through one or more of your vents, then this product is for you. When the small tabs on your car's a/c vents break off, you can't get fresh air where you want it. But, you put up with stale, hot or cold air in your car ? You can D-I-Y with  a new Vent Tab that will slide/snap onto the existing louver and repair your car's air vent. We understand that people might be skeptical about these products, yet we have sold thousands of units in the past few years with rave reviews. It really works and is much cheaper than what your dealer would charge for replacement OEM BMW vent. It is the easiest car Vent clip you will ever install .
  • It's no secret that your BMW 3 Series air vents tend to break or malfunction over time. Vent Tab is a patented D-I-Y automotive product created to fix the broken or malfunctioning air vents in your Bimmer 3 Series . It will snap-fit on to the louver in your car's air vent and re-attach the louver and the vent assembly ( the box that is installed in the dashboard )  (the vent tab is the part you touch and set to direct airflow ) . The Vent Tab works on most models of BMW 3 Series frm 2005-2013 , specifically: e90 (sedans) , e91 (5 door wagon) , e92 (2 Door coupe) and e93 ( 2 door convertible) .
  • The patented vent tabs fix the broken or malfunctioning air vents immediately! It’s well engineered and injection molded using ABS plastic. No tools are required for installation, just follow simple instructions and you're done in 1 minute! .

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