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How to fix Mercedes ML and GL broken air vents

How to fix Mercedes ML and GL broken air vents

Vent Tabs |Oct 24th 2023

  1. A Broken or missing vent tab ( also called vent clip, vent control knob ) is one of the most common problems on most Mercedes models. The part that connects the vent's louvers ( blades) to the air vent is called the vent tab. Even in luxury vehicles like Mercedes , the original tends to be made of cheaper plastic and breaks easily, A better way to fix this problem is to replace the OEM vent tab with a custom-made tab that costs less and doesn't need an engineer to install it.

Mercedes ML (W164) and GL( X164) 2006-2011 SUV models are not excluded from this problem. Unfortunately , as time goes by, this functional part often becomes damaged or broken, and you notice your vents acting improperly. If this is the case, it's time to get them fixed or repaired. There are a few possible solutions; either replace them yourself (which can be quite pricey for some versions of your vehicle) or take your car to a Mercedes dealership for repair ( which will cost $300-400 per vent ). But now there is a less expensive and simpler solution: buy replacement vent tabs from

If you have a a 2006-2011 ML350 , ML450 , ML550 , GL350 , GL450 or GL550 Mercedes-Benz vehicle, vent tabs has a solution in three colors ( Black, Grey and Java Brown - all with a chrome strip ) These are engineered aftermarket parts ( using the original Mercedes air vent to test our parts ).

Vent Tabs one-piece design allows you to install it without removing the vent from the dash. First, remove all the remaining pieces of the original vent tab from the louver and the inside the vent. To install a new vent tab , first locate the vertical post behind the louvers of the vent. Next, slide the tab onto the louver ( the same one as the original louver) . Since there is a linkage directly behind the louvers, it is necessary to make sure the vertical post is positioned to the right of center before installing.

Take the reigns and handle this annoying problem yourself. Vent Tabs will save you hundreds of dollars and many hours at the Mercedes dealer. We guarantee it. 

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