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How to Hang Masks in your Vehicle - Covid19 and Winter Flu Season

How to Hang Masks in your Vehicle - Covid19 and Winter Flu Season

Vent Tabs |Oct 26th 2020

No matter where you live, you likely have been touched by the virus which is still gripping our world. We know that good habits can push-back the virus and allow us all to get back to work, back to school and our lives. Our goal is to help you with a few tips to stay safe and healthy as we enter into winter season in North America.

Your vehicle is a prime place for the virus and flu to enter, because of the various exposures you incur during your daily life. Most of us carry a mask into the car and use it throughout the day, but generally we don’t really take great care of the mask. A few things to keep in mind. One, don’t hang the mask on the rear-view mirror, it obscures your vision and is actually illegal in many states. Two, you must keep the mask off the floor and off the dashboard to keep it clean and useable. Three, you need to keep it ready to use in pop-up situations that require mask use, like fast-food drive throughs, school pick-ups, and entering your workplace or a restaurant.

We have watching to see how the automotive industry reacts with new products to help solve this issue and it’s been disappointing and slow. But now, VENT TABS has brought to market three unique, patented solutions for preserving your mask and keeping it ready to use while in the vehicle. Mask Hook™ is a new product that fits in any vehicle and provides a simple hanging solution on your dashboard. No tools are required to install it and it works on any style of Air Vent – horizontal or vertical or circular.

Vent Hook™ is a slightly different product solution from Vent Tabs®. Vent Hook-Standard is designed to hang any size mask, but it also is designed to hang other useful dashboard accessories. Air fresheners are often hung on the rear-view mirror and that is unsafe, so you can use Vent Hook to hang most any brand of air freshener. Vent Hook-Cable is made to manage charging cables for phones, radar detectors, and navigation devices mounted on the dashboard or windshield (and require USB power). You can easily customize the dash with several Vent Hooks or combine it with Mask Hooks to properly outfit your dashboard.

We hope this excites you to focus on mask management in your vehicle, it’ll save you money and help you drive safer, but most importantly, preserve the health of your loved ones, friends and colleagues. You can purchase these products on and

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