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How to Keep Cables Neat in Your Vehicles-Safe Driving in 2021

How to Keep Cables Neat in Your Vehicles-Safe Driving in 2021

Vent Tabs |Feb 11th 2021

We are still commuting to work, running errands, shuttling kids and that all requires a lot of time in the car. Keeping our cell phones, tablets and other devices charged-up is a must, but often times a hassle.

One of the best ways to always be prepared is to keep a charging cord plugged in the dash. But where to keep it? The charging cable usually ends up on the floor after its last use, out of reach of the driver. The worst situation is when you are driving and need to reach down for the cable – super dangerous.

We have a simple, low-cost solution that keeps the cable on the dashboard and always ready to use. VentTabs® makes a molded product, VentHook-Cable, which secures the cable on the dash – in the AC vent. It’s sized for Apple and Android cables and fits on every vent on the front dash. You can install it in seconds, no tools required and you can create any system you need to keep your cables/cords ready and clean. 

Better yet, you can personalize your driving space by combining VentHook-Cable™ with a VentHook™ and a MaskHook™. These products require no glue and leave no sticky residue on your dash like many other products.

Buy these products today  and drive safer tomorrow .  

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