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Make Healthy Air in Your Car

Make Healthy Air in Your Car

|Aug 7th 2019

Most of us spend more than ten hours per week in our vehicles, probably third behind your home and workplace. Thanks to advancing technology and Federal mandates, we all enjoy the highest level of safety crash prevention and have been spared many tragedies. However, one area in your vehicle which is not completely regulated and effects your health is the AIR QUALITY in your vehicle. Car and truck owners usually are unaware of how and when to replace air filters and most owners don’t really feel the short-term effects of dirty cabin air. But those effects are severe and can be completely avoided with simple air filter maintenance

Your car’s cabin filter helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust, mold spores and smoke, keeping it out of your nose and lungs. These contaminates also can collect and create that “moldy” odor you’ve smelled in older cars (maybe yours too). Unfortunately, we tend to try and “mask” the odors and kill-bacteria with car perfumes, deodorizers, air fresheners and sprayed oils. Don’t be fooled by those products’ claims of “like new, odor-less” results. Instead, use the same money and seasonally replace the cabin air filters, which really are the best line of defense. You will really enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your family, friends, work mates and your-self will be breathing healthy air while commuting. It feels good and smells even better.         

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