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Make Your DashBoard Work for You

Make Your DashBoard Work for You

Vent Tabs |Dec 5th 2020

The average dashboard is about 5 ½ feet in length and 2 ft high, about the same as the area around your kitchen sink or your work-bench right? But the difference is that you can’t do much with the dashboard, since all the functionality is built-in by the manufacturer. The automotive aftermarket has tried to solve this by designing a range of accessory products that allow you to personalize the dash to your needs, but without a lot of success. Most of the innovation has been around managing cell phones and new air fresheners, but there’s so much more that most drivers need for safety and comfort.

Every vehicle has four front air vents and that seems to be an area on the dash that drivers and passengers want to get more from. Drivers need full access and control of their air vents, so blocking air flow with products won’t work. The best new ideas for managing the dash are found in air vent inserts, like MaskHook™ and VentHook™ from VentTabs®. These molded products slide onto the vent’s louver (the blade) and provide an excellent, low profile solution to hang many different items in any of the four vents. You can move them around the vents as the driving needs change from solo driving to having passengers.

MaskHook is pretty obvious, it was invented so drivers would have safe, consistent place to hang their protective mask in these tough times. Keep it off the floor and the seat, and keep it clean to make it last longer. VentHook is a solid hook which allows you to hang many items, from small containers to garbage bags, to large masks and even pepper spray containers. VentHook-Cable is a really smart idea to manage the various cables that criss-cross your dashboard including phone charging cables, power cables for radar detectors and navigation devices.

A huge benefit of these products is that they do not rely on adhesive and won’t leave residue or markings on your dashboard! The best news is that you can customize your dash by using any combination of these products to get it just right. Give it shot and you’ll be driving safer and smarter into 2021.  

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