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The best-kept secret for Selling your USED Vehicle

The best-kept secret for Selling your USED Vehicle

Vent Tabs |Aug 14th 2019

Forty-one million used cars, trucks and SUV’s were sold in the US in 2018, that means almost a third of US households bought a used vehicle and possibly sold a used car to enable the transaction. Flipping cars is still the life blood of the industry. One more fact: the average age of the auto fleet in the US is shockingly 11.2 years old, according to CarCare, a national automotive trade organization. That means we are heavily trading vehicles that have had two to four owners, you can imagine what wear and tear looks like.

When you prepare to sell or trade-in your vehicle, you obviously want to get the most money possible, right? Used vehicle buyers are hyper alert and have become increasingly attentive to small details and are willing to walk away from a deal for relatively “low value” issues. One of the first things noticed by a car buyer is the view from the driver seat, which is highly focused on the dashboard and all its components. One of the most prominent areas on the dash ( besides the odometer and speedometer) are the air vents. There are usually four of them on a front dash and they have a big impact on the buyer’s overall quality perception.

So, when you are preparing to sell or trade your vehicle, don’t forget to touch, clean and test that each of those vents works ! A single broken vent could cost you $150-250 to replace at a dealer and that buyer will quickly reduce the price offered you with that knowledge. Be ready for that and make sure all the air vents are fully operational for A/C and Heat. If you need an affordable Do-It-Yourself replacement vent parts , check out a US -based manufacturer @ . It’s an easy fix and can preserve the price you want.       

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