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Vent// Tabs™ partners with OptiCat™  to Provide e-Catalog for Pro’s

Vent// Tabs™ partners with OptiCat™ to Provide e-Catalog for Pro’s

Vent Tabs |May 7th 2020

Vent Tabs™ has joined forces with the leading supplier of digital automotive parts catalogs, Opti-Cat™. OptiCat provides a network of extensive data validation, distribution and assessment programs designed to optimize its customers data and its distribution to the automotive marketplace. Vent Tabs has provided its latest catalog on OptiCat to improve our trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors and help sell more parts!

Success in the automotive aftermarket for Vent Tabs means having the right parts at the right time. OptiCat’s OnLine web catalog (

is designed to help customers “ get it right” by insuring that the high quality, near real time data being provided via OptiCat Network is directly available at all levels of aftermarket distribution. It contains the most recent Vent Tabs catalog with data and photos.

For our trade partners and as data receivers of OptiCat, you are probably looking for one place where you can get reliable error free catalog data that will process quickly and smoothly into your cataloging system. OptiCat OnDemand is a web application that helps data Receivers manage their data relationships with a secure authorization system.

Let us know if your business needs assistance with OptiCat .

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