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Vent//Tabs Car Dealer Point-of-Sale Signage and Kits

Vent//Tabs Car Dealer Point-of-Sale Signage and Kits

Vent Tabs |Oct 24th 2023

Vent//Tabs has been serving new and used car dealers for many years, with thousands of happy customers and Service Department staff.  We know that many vehicle owners love the Vent//Tabs solution to repair A/C vents once they are aware of it. Many dealerships have contacted us to provide a simple marketing device to build awareness - see the sign above.  The best sales system is when the dealer carries our Vent//Tabs kits behind the counter and places the Vent//Tabs point of sale sign in a waiting room or accessories merchandise area. 

New and Used Dealers will be surprised at the high demand for Vent//Tabs and your customers will be elated at this simple , affordable product repair and the avoidance of an expensive vent replacement .  Let us know if you're interested by emailing:    

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