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What is best way to repair your broken car air vent ? It's Air Conditioning Season !

Vent Tabs |Jun 8th 2024

The best way to repair a broken car air vent is to replace the vent tabs (also called vent clips) rather than the entire vent assembly.[1][4] Here are the key steps: 

1. Purchase replacement vent tabs designed specifically for your vehicle's make and model. These are inexpensive plastic pieces that clip onto the vent louvers. 

2. Carefully remove the broken vent tab from the louver blade using a flathead screwdriver. Try not to damage the louver itself. 

3. Align the new vent tab's prongs to straddle the vertical center post inside the vent opening. 

4. Push the new vent tab onto the louver blade until it clicks and latches into place. 

5. Test that the vent now opens, closes, and directs airflow properly.

This do-it-yourself fix takes just a minute and costs only $18  for each replacement vent tabs, saving you hundreds compared to replacing the entire vent assembly.[

3D printing custom vent tab replacements is also an option if you have access to a 3D printer.


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