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Winterize Your Vehicle Now

Winterize Your Vehicle Now

Vent Tabs |Jan 14th 2022

The winter is here and driving in cold weather with snow, ice and freezing temperature could be highly dangerous. It is important you winterize your car and be prepared for a safer winter driving experience. Here are a few things we think are important to take care of before you take that winter holiday trip.

The cold weather and snow can affect different parts of your car adversely; freezing temperatures affects your car’s tire pressure and can cause a drop in battery’s power generating capacity. While winterizing your car there are a few things which you need to address some important factors such as stability of your vehicle, visibility, car indoor heating and braking capability, these factors are extremely important while winterizing your car and ensures the safety of your winter drives.

Follow these tips to winterize your car this winter season.

Check the tire tread

The leading cause of accidents during winter is tires. Worn out tires elevates the car’s stopping capability, affects the stability of the vehicle and especially on icy roads it is highly advisable to inspect tread depth, having winter snow tires helps you get a better grip on the icy roads during snow conditions. You could also perform a penny test by placing a penny into the tread with Lincoln’s face facing down. If the tread is below the top of Lincoln’s head, it is advisable you replace your tires. Ensure to check the tire pressure since low temperatures could drop the tire pressure.

Heating and Cooling check-up

Your car’s ability to run the heating system is one of the most important factors while winterizing your car since this will determine the comfort of your journey during winter season by allowing you to maintain the desired temperature inside the car .t. Often we get our heaters fixed in the car by cleaning the heater’s core tubes and by cabin air filter replacement however a lot of us don’t see the broken VentTabs on our air vents, this could turn out into a lot of discomfort inside the cabin as you are unable to direct the air in the right direction without the VentTabs. To maintain the desired cabin temperature , here is a pro tip to fix this, you do not even have to go to a mechanic to fix your VentTabs, you can simply go on to you can find VentTabs for all car make and models, you can simply choose the VentTabs for your car and order it, it is easy to fix without having to go to a repair shop and you can install it in less than 5 minutes yourself in easy steps described on the website .

vent-tabs-hero-5-21-19-665.jpg also has some other excellent products which will help you organize and reduce your dashboard clutter, there are some very innovative products like MaskHookVent which allows you to hang your mask safely without worrying about it getting dirty lying on the car’s floor, you will find products such as VentHook on which will help you organize charging cables for your phone and simultaneously de-cluttering your dashboard. A massive number of accidents happen because of cluttered dashboard and the driver trying to find things like charging cables and getting distracted in the process . , To ensure you have a safer driving experience you may want to pick up a couple of VentHook and MaskHook products from .


Battery Service

Your car’s battery gets adversely affected during cold weather as the battery’s ability to generate power drops drastically during cold weather, which is why you often have to give a long hard start to your car during winter. To avoid this ,ensure to get a battery load test done this will give you a fair idea about the battery’s condition. Clean the battery terminals, corrosion on the terminals. Make sure to take all the precautions while doing this or better involve an expert to carry this procedure out for you.

Check your car brakes

Brakes are relied upon to stop your car and during winter season on icy roads it could prove fatal if the car’s brakes do not function properly. It is critical to inspect your car’s braking capability thoroughly while you winterize your car, get the brake pads checked and if there is wear found, they must be replaced. Also check brake fluid levels and if necessary top off.

Check car fluids

All your car’s fluids are affected by the cold weather. You must ensure all your car fluids levels from Motor oil to wiper fluid and top off as required. This includes anti freeze check , which helps keep your radiator from freezing. A winter car tune up must include this.

Replace your wiper blades

Your wiper blades are going to be heavily used during winter season hence it requires proper inspection and care accordingly. Inspect your wiper blades for any wear and tear, one of the signs would be the streaks left by wiper blades on windshield when you switch it on, this means that it needs to be replaced.

Check Headlamps and Tail Lights

Driving during winter has its own challenges, low visibility during snow and fog conditions could turn out to be dangerous especially if your headlamps and tail lamps are not working properly. If there is fogginess or damage to your lights, you must fix it. Buffing the headlamps can remove the stains and help improve the visibility while you drive through harsh weather conditions.

These are the few actions which will help you get your car winter ready and keep you comfortable and safe on your holiday season trips. Do check out our VentTabs products for a safer and comfortable drive this winter season. Let us know how you liked the VentHook Cable, MaskHook and other products on our website, we would love to hear from you.

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