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2021 : The Year of the Mask

2021 : The Year of the Mask

Vent Tabs |Jan 31st 2021

By now, who doesn't have several fabric masks or a box of disposable blue surgical  masks or KN95's ?  It's become a significant tool to avoid the coronavirus. Most of the US,  about 80% according to Statista, has adopted mask wearing in public settings, workplace ,schools and just about everywhere requiring face coverings.  

A  Couple Tips about Masks     

1) Keep a supply in each of the most used locations  a) car  b) office  c) home entry .   

2) Keep them impeccably clean and discard disposable masks daily  (i.e not on the car seat or the dash board) 

3) Double masking - public health officials seem to be moving towards double-masking, cloth and paper layers, for maximum protection on planes/ trains/crowded public space.       

4) Not on the Rear View Mirror - blocks your view , which is already tough in winter driving season 

Masks in Your Vehicle: A Must Have 

1) Keep ready for use in fast-food drive throughs, school drop-offs, doctor visits

2) Use products such VentTabs MaskHook or VentHook to hang your mask while driving - keeps it off the floor and       off the dirty dashboard 

3) Extra protection - Hang a sealable baggy from the MaskHook/VentHook, and keep your mask and extras in the sealed baggy. Hack -  just punch a hole in the top of the baggy above the seal and hang it . 

4) Put some extra Masks in the glovebox or the center console - in a sealed, clean bag .  

We hope everyone is a good neighbor, a good citizen and respects the health of others during this pandemic. 

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