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Vent Tabs |Oct 24th 2023

Now in August, we're truly sorry to see some areas really suffering with resurgence of Covid-19. Masks are proven to be one way to minimize transmission of the disease and we've generally learned how to use and wear masks. One aspect of using masks NOT yet managed well is KEEPING THEM CLEAN in the CAR. Many people hang it on the rear-view mirror or toss it on top of the dash or the passenger seat - but none of those keeps the mask clean and ready to grab'n go. 

We invented & launched three products that can help you and your family extend the lives of your mask and provide better hygiene , helping you stay protected. MaskHook &  VentHook are both products that install in the AC air vent and allows you to hang any type of mask. Both have a very low profile to the dash (when installed ) and it won't stick out into driver/passenger space. You can also purchase them in an assortment pack, called DashPack.     

These are safe and easy to install, and easy to move around the dash to customize for your driving style, whether solo commuting or family hauling. 

Here's how the National Press saw these new products announced in July

Please be safe , be a good neighbor and co-worker. Thank you  

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